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Title: Caixa de Música - O espaço tecnológico e a arte pública
Author: Carvalho, José
Martins, Luís
Keywords: Public Media Art
Augmented Realty
Sound art
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Carvalho, J., Martins, L. (2017). Caixa de Música - O espaço tecnológico e a arte pública. In Colóquio “Arte Pública na Era da Criatividade Digital”, Porto, Portugal, 27-28 April. 15 p.
Abstract: This paper describes the development process that was used in Caixa de Música: a sound sculpture that occupies the real and virtual space. This project explores the potential of using a virtual augmented reality technology as booster for human activity and interaction in public space. This artistic intervention installed in the public sphere of Paredes, uses a mobile interface as mediator that serves as window to the virtual space, where an augmented reality application completes the sculptural public art object. In this article we present the premises to work in the virtual technological space and we intent to demonstrate its links and problems in the public art context. We identified in this text the relevance of the concept place in the artistic construction and the impact of the technological solutions in the conceptual proposal and implementation of different artistic movements.
Peer review: no
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